Purchasing DVD by Mail

We may use a 3rd party site to initiate the sale of products that are mail. A link will be provided for such products in each shopping cart.

MP3 Downloads

If you have any problem with any purchase or download contact us immediately. CLICK HERE


You may purchase artists' music or merchandise from some of our Site(s).  Our Privacy Policy applies to any personal information you provide in connection with any such purchases.  In some instances, you may be directed to a third party site to initiate your transaction.  These third party sites will be clearly identified and link to their own privacy policies so you know which company is collecting your personal information.  You should refer to those policies for any privacy-related concerns regarding your purchase with them.

Refund Policy

We have a "No Refund" Policy FOR any purchases on this site " and due to the nature of how each product is obtain by the customer (Download). We are not responsible for purchases via 3rd party sites. Please refer to the refund policies of 3rd party sites.